June 29, 2008

Part One in PDF

Hey everybody, this is Johnny. I've put together a PDF of the entire first part. Go here to download it. I'm sure you have a ton of questions, so I put together a FAQ:
Why would I want something like this?
I seriously have no idea. But a couple of you have asked for me to post PDFs of each chapter, so maybe this is a good compromise.

And I guess if you wanted to print out the first book and read it on paper, having this file would be pretty useful.

Also, you could send this file to your friends or post it on your site in lieu of a link to the website. Actually, let me make that a bit more explicit: you have my permission to share this PDF in any way you want, provided that the contents are unchanged.

Does this file have anything I haven't already seen?
Not really. The cover is a goofy homemade book cover I made a couple years ago out of a scanned Roald Dahl book., but there's no bonus material or anything. I just bundled everything together, formatted the text, and converted it to PDF.

Actually, I've revised some of these chapters a little since making the PDF, so is there stuff in it you haven't seen? Yeah, a whole bunch of typos.

How long did it take you?
Oh my god, all weekend. What an enormous pain in the ass.

Maybe you should have used that time and energy on actually producing some new chapters.
Yeah, I know.

Dude, you used zShare? What are you, a fifteen-year-old pirating your l33t warez?
I know, I know. I just don't have any server space right now.
Again: click here to go to zShare and get the PDF compilation of part one. Also, I've been keeping a so-called "author's blog" where I post stuff that might be of interest to fans of The Darling Budds. Every week I also post a new song to go along with the new chapter.